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Easyloader is an integration suite within SFDC platform, developed for SF end users to provide them with functionality of quick manipulation of data. SF administrators also can use Easyloader for loading data from external applications to SF in no time. Also maintaining all the history of user operations to enable administrators for keeping track/check on the user actions.
For EasyLoader user and installation guide please click on EasyLoader User and Installation Guide .

EasyLoader is in complete sync with access and permissions defined in SF for each based on their profiles. SF users can only manipulate SF objects and object’s which they have access to.

EasyLoader comes with inbuilt Data Cleansing functionality. EasyLoader can automatically detects duplicate records in the files based on the criteria specified by user thereby avoids creating duplicate records in SF.


Most of the times Salesforce Users receive data in emails, excel files, and data files. It is challenging for them to manually enter all the information in Salesforce. Moreover there is no way to consume data from external systems in Salesforce apart from using relatively complex tools based on web-service API.


Vandesys “EasyLoader” application provides an easy to use data processing tool natively built in Salesforce Platform. User can upload whole data file at a single click to update data in Salesforce. EasyLoader can be very effectively used to integrate data from external applications directly to your Salesforce.

  • Natively built in platform. No external tool is required.
  • Support all data operations (Insert/Update/Upsert/Delete).
  • Easy interface to use.
  • Lightning fast. Create updates thousands of records within minutes.
  • Works in compliance with user access and permissions defined in profiles.
  • Create/share process definitions to use them later.
  • Administrators can track user operations along with processed data file.
  • EasyLoader can be customized to serve your specific business needs.
EasyLoader usecase scenarios:
  • Salesforce User can download data report, process data in MS Excel and upload updated data using EasyLoader within minutes.
  • Use EasyLoader as a easy to use utility for data integration.
  • Convert your list in emails or any form to .CSV format and upload data in Salesforce within no time.

and many more.....!

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