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Object Access Check
Utility tool for system admins and super users to intuitively analyze what accounts/opportunities/leads are visible to given user. No need to login as actual user. Very handy to address issues raised through modification to sharing rules and rolehierarchy


One of the frequent complains from the users is data visibility. At present, to analyze users visibility, Systemadmins typically request the user to grant login access. Once login access is granted, then Sysadmin will login in as that user to validate/confirm userís visibility issue. Much of Sysadmins time is consumed in making user grant login access. The data visibility is a routine maintenance issue, which always surfaces when user role is changed, role-hierarchy is modified, or when record ownership is changed.


Vandesysís Object Access Check eliminates the need for Systemadmin to request user for grant login access. Systemadmin can easily check, users access to any records. Simply select the user whose visibility you want to validate, and select the object Ė the list displays all the records visible to the user.

  • Intuitive Visualforce pagelayout, to quickly analyze users visibility
  • Customizable record selection criteria
  • Completely native application
  • Free, supported application
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