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Org Role Chart Visualizer
Displays organization role-hierarchy using Google Visualization API. Users can opt to display only roles or display role and users in those roles. Also can opt to display only active users, or all users. Display is similar to Visio org chart.


It is challenging to visualize and understand the role’s role-up in Salesforce role-hierarchy. And it is multi step process to figure out, who is assigned to which role using standard Salesforce role-chart.


Vandesys “Org Role Chart” application to represent Salesforce role-hierarchy in role-chart format. As the display is similar to visio chart for organization, it is very easy understand which role roles-up where. As this chart also displays users assigned in each role, thus provides complete picture for organizations role-hierarchy in single screen.

  • Visually displays organization’s role hierarchy, with roles and users
  • Uses Google Visualization API
  • Free, supported application
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