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Frequently Asked Questions
1.Among Professional Edition (PE), Enterprise Edition (EE), and Unlimited Edition (UE) - which edition should I choose?
Following key features offered in each edition should help you to determine what edition to select:

Professional Edition (PE): Mass email, Customizable dashboards, one AppExchange application, Role Hierarchy/Sharing model, Products, Marketing, Offline, Mobile

Enterprise Edition (EE): With addition to PE, Enterprise edition offers – multi-department through profiles, Integration through API, Apex to develop customized process, Partner management, Workflow for process automation, Account and Opportunity team selling for collaboration, Record types to define multiple business processes, Customer portal

Unlimited Edition (UE): With addition to EE, Unlimited edition offers – unlimited applications, unlimited tabs, 2000 custom objects, Sandbox

2. How long will it take to implement PE for 25 users
A: It depends on the complexity of the process. If the process requirements are simple, clear, and well documented, and data migration requirements are limited than probably 4 days

3. We are busy, and line of business owners are in different cities. Can we do requirement gathering remotely?
A: We understand, it will be hard to get all the business owners in one place. We can conduct requirements gathering through web conference effectively.

4. What skill sets are required to be a System administrator?
A: Salesforce system administrators need not have technical background, but they should understand your business process and have analytical skill set to resolve issues. System administrator is also responsible for monitoring and enhancing adoption. Need to have strong communication and present skills.
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